Keep Your Dog Safe

In an ideal world, no dog would be lost. There are a number of things pet owners can do to keep their animal safe and off the streets.

One in three pets will be lost at some point in its lifetime. Take small steps in advance to aide in being reunified faster.

 Dog License

All dogs in Ohio are required to have a license for good reason. If your dog is found wearing its license, we can look up your information and get your dog back to you right away. When a dog comes to the shelter wearing a current year license, they are held for 14 days for you to reclaim as opposed to 72 hours for dogs without identification. Always keep the dog license on your dog’s collar, even in the house.



Microchips with up-to-date information are incredibly important! All lost pets are scanned for a chip by shelters and veterinary clinics. Ensuring that your pet is chipped and your contact information is accurate will speed up reuniting you with the pet. Anytime you move or change phone numbers, your chip needs updated. Not sure of your pet's microchip company? Look it up

 Pet ID Tags

Collars with pet identification tags are a good backup policy, in case the dog license falls off. Concerned about all the jingling? There are plenty of tag protectors available online that remove the sound.

 Spay and Neuter

The majority of pets entering shelters are unaltered. Why? Because unaltered animals have the instinct to procreate! Pets that are not spayed or neutered want to get out and make babies. Reduce their risk of running, and unplanned litters, by having them spayed or neutered.


Walk the perimeter of your fence daily to check to for deterioration, digging, and escape routes. Some dogs are ingenious and will create opportunities to escape. Ensuring that your fence is secure, is critical.

 Unattended Pets

Anytime your dog is outside, make sure they are on leash. Most communities have a leash law that requires all dog owners to keep pets leashed. You never know what may startle or excite your dog and cause them to run off. Keeping them leashed keeps them, and everyone else, safe.


Take lots of photos of your pets!  Having current photos with their face and body helps the shelter and community identify your pet. Many pets look alike, therefore small unique markings can make a big difference!