Shelter Life

Ever wondered what the day to day is like at the shelter for the dogs? Let us tell you:

CCAS volunteer with feeding cart


We feed our dogs a mix of dry kibble, frozen Bil Jac food, and wet can food for extra yumminess. Dogs on special diets are noted in our food room for the morning feeders where they prepare all the food.

CCAS volunteer mopping the inside of a cage

Morning Cleaning

Our Deputy Dog Wardens clean each dog kennel in the building (over 100) daily. Dogs are outside while their kennel is being disinfected. When the dogs return, their cage is cleaned and ready.

2 large dogs walking on grass

Daily Unleashed Playgroup

We use the Dogs Playing for Life model with the goal of "every dog, every day." We run Unleashed Playgroups, every day, allowing dogs to socialize and play with other dogs with similar play styles.

CCAS volunteer walking brown and white dog on leash

Walking Time

Our volunteer dog walkers come in and start taking dogs for walks after the dogs have rested from their morning activities. The goal is for the dogs to get two to three walks throughout the afternoon.

CCAS Volunteer with clicker outside of dog cage

4 on the Floor & Click for Quiet

At the end of the walking shifts, volunteers practice teaching our dogs to keep all four paws on the floor and not bark when people approach using the clicker method. This is a mental exercise.

CCAS Volunteer with food cart feeding dogs in cages

Afternoon Room Service

Dogs that are on weight building diets get their second round of feedings each afternoon. Our volunteers make up a batch of our dry kibble, frozen Bil Jac food, and wet can food recipe.

Close up of dog smelling

Scent Work

This is new for our dogs. We are working to engage our dogs mentally with different scented items. Dogs are scent driven animals and this activity celebrates their joy of sniffing!

Close up of multi-color dog in bath bin

Bath Time

Several days per week our staff and volunteers are giving much needed baths to our dogs, so they can strut their best smelling selves. Everyone feels great after a washing!

Large black dog behind cage with frozen frisbee

In Kennel Enrichment

After the shelter closes, we deliver in kennel enrichment to our dogs in the form of frozen frisbees, stuffed frozen kongs, and frozen hanging bowls on their cages.

Extra Curricular Activities

These activities do not happen daily, but our dogs get to participate in them regularly.


Day Foster

Volunteers and Fosters sign out dogs for the afternoon to go for car rides, for a walk in the park, for a swim, to hang out at home, or whatever suits their fancy for a day away. Its a fan favorite for both dogs and their handlers!

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Pack Walks

The third Sunday of each month our volunteer team, Tails on the Trails, takes the longest term and most active dogs for a three mile hike on the trails. They travel throughout the area to different locations so our dogs get exposure to different trails and scents. It is not uncommon for up to 20 dogs to go on these hikes together!

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CCAS attends events all year long to both promote our dogs and give them a break from the shelter. Check out our event calendar to see where we will be next!

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